Playground and activities

For the young and young at hearts

Marina Minde has an interesting and widely used playground. 
There are Kompan play animals, swings, balancing boards, trampolines, a 6m slide, a play tower, a sandbox and much more.



Marina Mindes Playground

Trampoline and swings

harbour playground in Marina Minde

Sand box and climbing frame with a little silde

Slide and sand box


For those kids who got too old for the sandbox, there are lots of other activities as e.g. sailing with raft, rubber boats or crab fishing. 

The harbor master greatly appreciates safety. Therefore, life jackets and supervision are a must if acitivities take place on the water.  


Children activities in Marina Minde

Is it going to work out?

Learning to row in Marina Minde

Learn how to paddle and navigate in the harbour

having fun on the swings
Children tying knots

Learn to make knots

Children sailing in Marina Minde

Optimists in the harbour

Stick bread over a bonfire